The Apple TV in your classroom?


The Apple TV in your classroom?.


Speak and Spell…


The first time I was introduced to
Educational Technology was in the early eighties. I believe I was in fourth grade.  Fourth grade was a very awkward time for me,

and spelling was problematic for me. I can remember how disappointed my mother was after the conference with my English teacher, Mrs. Foster. Something needed to be done. I was a very stubborn child and mom never was able to get me to study.

It was Friday, test day and another D. There was nothing I could do. I felt hopeless even then. Failing was not something I enjoyed and today was no different. After getting off the bus I reluctantly moved into the house, waiting for my punishment for another low score. I wondered what mom would take away this week. I went to the kitchen and started devouring my cookies and milk. After the first cookie went down I noticed a nicely wrapped package next to my cookies, a package with my name on it! I ripped into the package and was perplexed at the machine that sat in front of me.

Speak and Spell?  This thing looked like a huge orange calculator with a large handle, made by Texas Instruments. This was cool; I instantly turned on the machine. It spoke words in a robotic voice and then asked me to spell the specific words.  How exciting, I now had a computer to speak and interact with me. I started to spell, over and over again until the words were correct. Educational Technology, I was captivated all I wanted to do was spell.  After receiving the Speak and Spell all I wanted do was spell!  Wake up …spell – fall asleep…spell.  I was learning without knowing it, as learning was not my

intent.  All I really cared about playing the game.Technology has indeed jumped leaps since the time of speak and spell. It seems every week Apple comes out with a new or entirely updated version of their last creation.  The competition is right behind Apple’s every move; technology has long since arrived.

If you would like to purchase one a speak and spell for someone special, here is a link to EBay!

Speak and Spell

Ed Tech., Eagles and Earthquakes… Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today was quite an amazing morning as I worked on my classes. I sat outside on the deck with my laptop and morning cup of coffee. As I looked up to see a Bald Eagle diving into the lake to catch his breakfast. The majestic bird flew over my head landing in the front yard on a pole. I ran to see him as he moved on to a tree next door. It was a wonderful excuse to get me off the computer. I was in the middle of syllabus reading and watching my new Animoto video for the eighth time. I also watched the other videos posted by my classmates. I quickly felt a connection to the others in the class by watching their introduction videos. What a great morning, in ‘Dirti Jerzi’!

After another coffee break, I was back to the computer to try and grasp all of the new passwords and programs! My boyfriend was downloading a show that we missed the night before. When the wall behind the bed started to shake, I assumed it was Brett playfully urging me to get off the computer and join him. I realized it was an earthquake when he was in front of me and the walls continued to rumble. Then we got the breaking news about the quake.

I expected this type of action on a daily basis while living in Alaska; however, this metropolis area is not known for much except Snookie‘ and the ‘Situation’! I was glad that I was able to see and feel nature as I worked on my classes today. Who knows what will happen tomorrow!