iPadLooking into the Horizon Report for the first time, I was amazed to see the advancement of educational technology.  There are many new ways to emerge technology in the classroom. Six technologies mentioned were: mobile devices, electronic books, game based learning, augmented learning, gestured based computing and learning analytics.

Until I read the Horizon Report,  I had never heard of learning analytics. Learner Analytics gauges individual student learning and helps teachers create learning plans for the individual student based on their personal learning needs. I thought that would be a wonderful technology for educators to use in their teaching curriculum.

Mobil phones, and tablets can be purchased to support learning community needs. Both of  these technologies are important in creating student centered learning that is interesting and fun. Mobil devices and tablets can also be used in areas such as social networking. Social networking can be used in learning communities to bring learners together. Barriers that have previously been formed  as students from different cultures and economic status will be broken by a commonality reached online within networking tools. Iphone

I have learned that Tablets have the ability to run amazing educational based applications that can help students in both the learning as well as the application process. These devices have the potential to change the way educators teach in special needs classrooms, by creating lessons that utilize methods  that embrace tactile learning methodology. As a teacher the interactive aspect of using iPads is a compelling one.  This is why I have put my focus on creating a lesson for special needs students between 1st and 3rd grade. I found through research that Autistic students can benefit through the iPads ability to create hands on interactive learning.  As I looked for a math lesson in the iTunes store I was amazed at the large quantity of educational applications. I must admit I became sidetracked for at least and hour. When I finally found the program I wanted to implement with autistic students, I downloaded it and started my journey; learning how and if it would be an effective product. It was wonderful, it is called (DTT)Numbers.  After looking and learning the program I wanted to use this as a lesson immediately. I thought about ways to introduce counting to the students prior to the application and I decided to start by bringing in large dice. In doing this I would teach the students how to count the dots on each side. This would prepare the students to use the App for the complete lesson please click here!


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